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Being by appointment only, Vintage Chic Bridal Boutique offers each bride a private bridal experience with their closest friends and family. A true bridal boutique through and through, Vintage Chic offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere for you to find the wedding dress of your dreams. Walking into the shop, you're overwhelmed by the sweet charm and character. It's a cozy and quaint spot that makes saying yes to the dress just that much more perfect.

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"I cannot say enough about Vintage Chic Bridal Boutique and Shelby! After meeting Shelby at a wedding show and seeing all of her posts on the Facebook page, I was extremely excited for my bridal appointment. Her intimate boutique was the perfect place where I found the dress of my dreams. Shelby was so helpful in finding the perfect dress for my style and she made me feel incredibly comfortable during this process. Shelby had a feeling that I had found the one, so she put my hair up and put a veil and earrings on me and that was when I knew.

I highly recommend all brides to check out Vintage Chic Bridal Boutique!"

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