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Being by appointment only, Vintage Chic Bridal Boutique offers each bride a private bridal experience with their closest friends and family. A true bridal boutique through and through, Vintage Chic offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere for you to find the wedding dress of your dreams. Walking into the shop, you're overwhelmed by the sweet charm and character. It's a cozy and quaint spot that makes saying yes to the dress just that much more perfect.

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"I had been dreaming about going to Shelby’s boutique for years and it was FINALLY my turn! My experience was just perfect. She was so kind, funny and eased my nerves. She heard my style and helped talk me through different dresses, and just when I thought I was really loving a dress she put on the perfect veil to compliment it. The moms, maid of honor and I instantly started bawling. I had my moment. I got nothing but compliments on the big day. Even my tailor kept raving at not only how beautiful it was but how she hadn’t seen a dress with such high quality before (and her shop is FULL of wedding dresses). I will forever be sad I can’t do it all over again and try on more of Shelby’s dresses. All in all… go to Vintage Chic Bridal Boutique. You won’t regret it!"

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