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Orderable + Off the Rack

Let's get to the good part... THE DRESSES! Vintage Chic offers an expansive selection of orderable and off the rack bridal gowns and accessories. The pictures of the dresses seriously don't do them justice. These gowns are amazing in pictures, but twice as good when you see them up close and personal. Please keep in mind that Vintage Chic also only carries bridal gowns and accessories. Follow the links below to learn more about our selection:


Orderable Wedding Dresses

Vintage Chic offers an exclusive private label designer for our orderable bridal gown collection. This means that Vintage Chic is the only bridal shop in the tri-state area that can carry these wedding gowns and they cannot be found online. Purchasing an orderable bridal gown means that you will try on the sample dress in the shop and then order your own dress in the size and color of your choosing. Once you've said yes to the dress, we will measure your bust, waist, and hips to help you select a size to order. Your gown will take roughly 15-20 weeks to arrive or you can choose to rush ship the dress in 12 weeks for an additional cost. Vintage Chic has sizes 8-28 available for try on and the dresses can be ordered in a size 2-32. These gowns range from $1,099-$1,599. Payment plans are available for orderable dress purchases. Orderable gowns will be on white hangers when you enter the shop.

Exclusive wedding gowns

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Off the Rack Wedding Dresses

Cash + carry

Differing from our orderable collection, Vintage Chic offers a selection of off the rack wedding dresses. Off the rack means that the dress you try on in the shop is the dress you would be buying. You would be buying the dress in an "as is" state; therefore, you would have to like the color the dress is in and would need to select a dress that is close to your size. These dresses are from various designers and come from various bridal shops across the US. Dresses are available in sizes 8-28 and are in various colors. These dresses range from $799 - $999. When you purchase an off the rack gown, you must pay in-full (no payment plans are available) with cash or credit/debit and you would take the dress with you the same day. There are also no holds available for these dresses. These dresses will be on natural wood hangers when you enter the shop. 

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Bridal Accessories

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To go along with our bridal gowns, we have bridal accessories that are sure to make a bride's look complete. Vintage Chic carries a large selection of both orderable and off the rack veils, bridal belts, jewelry, and hair pieces that are budget friendly. Veils range from elbow length to royal cathedral length and can be ordered in various lengths. 

The finishing touches

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