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After an overwhelming response from our brides, we have decided to start offering virtual bridal appointments and home try-on! For the time being, virtual appointments are available to everyone but the home try-on service will be only for brides within a 20-mile radius of Dubuque, IA. Here's how it works!

Step 1

Go to our website and select 'Virtual Bridal Appointment'! Once you complete this form, we will be notified via email and we'll get you scheduled for your appointment!

Step 2

After your appointment is scheduled, you will get an email confirming your appointment. In this email, there will be a form for you to complete. This form will go over everything you're looking for in a wedding dress (styles, size, color, beading, etc.)!

Step 3

Once we have received your completed form, we will email you a Zoom link that will help you to connect for our one-on-one virtual bridal appointment!

Step 4

At the time of this appointment, we will both meet on Zoom! I will have styles ready on mannequins that I think you will like based on the form you completed earlier! We'll be able to go over different styles, what can be done in alterations, and so much more!

Step 5

At the end of your virtual appointment, we will determine if you'd like to try the home try-on service! If you choose not to do the home try-on service, no big deal! I will record the dresses you were interested in so those dresses will be pulled and ready for you when you come for your in-store appointment when we reopen. If you choose to do the home-try on, we will then proceed with the following steps!

Step 6

Once you've decided to do the home try-on, there will be a $150 non-refundable charge due; however, you can use this charge towards the purchase of your wedding dress! We will have a contract for you to fill out as well! You will also be emailed a link for a Zoom call for your home try-on appointment! You're more than welcome to send this link to family members and friends that you would like to join the call!

Step 7

Once the paperwork is completed, we will put together your home try-on box! We will personally deliver this package to your home or you can pick them up curbside at the shop! You will receive 5 gowns of your choosing! We will also include all the essentials you need to try on these dresses!

Step 8

Now it's time for the appointment! We'll start the Zoom call and you get to try on the dresses! We will guide you through how each dress will fit, what colors and sizes the dresses come in, etc. and hopefully you'll say yes to an amazing dress!

Step 9

The following day of your appointment, we will pick up the box of wedding dresses and you're good to go!

If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email us!

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