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AUGUST 10 + 11

Vintage Chic will be hosting a $999 wedding dress sale of off the rack dresses for two days only. Off the rack means that you would buy the sample that you try on in-store and take it with you that day.


Bridal sizing differs from your jean size/street size. You're typically two sizes higher in your bridal size than your jean size. So if you're a jean size 12, you'd likely be a bridal size 16.

When buying a dress off the rack, you can typically take in up to three sizes in alterations. So if you're a bridal size 10 (jean size 6), you could buy a dress in a bridal size 10-16 (jean size 6-12). We have the following sizes available during the sale:

Bridal size 10: 1 dress

Bridal size 12: 1 dress

Bridal size 14: 2 dresses

Bridal size 16: 27 dresses

Bridal size 24: 5 dresses


Appointments will be 30 minutes long and you can bring up to four guests. A $20 deposit must be made at the time of booking and can be used towards the purchase of your dress


All dresses will be pay in-full at the time of purchasing (no payment plans) and there will be no holds on dresses. Dresses can be paid for with cash or credit/debit, but we DO NOT accept checks. Credit/debit card purchases will be charged a 3% processing fee


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