Located in Dubuque, Iowa, Vintage Chic offers a bridal experience like never before in the tri-state area. We not only strive to provide our brides with the best bridal experience, but we also provide our brides with the most diverse selection of bridal gowns in the area.

Vintage Chic is the only bridal shop in the Dubuque and tri-state area that focuses exclusively on the bride. Offering an expansive selection of bridal gowns, veils, and accessories, we have everything a bride needs to make her bridal look complete.

But what else makes us different? We are 100% by appointment only. This means that you and your bride tribe have the store completely to yourself. No interruption, no distractions, and no feeling lost in the crowd.


If all of that isn't enough, we also offer both an orderable bridal gown selection and a plethora of wedding dresses that are off the rack.

But what does off the rack mean? Great question! We offer gowns from bridal size 8 to a size 28 that are designer gowns but are a fraction of the cost of other shops. We get gowns from various bridal shop in California, Washington, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Iowa that are discontinued from major bridal manufacturers. These gowns are first come, first served and once they're gone, they're gone! There's only one size, one color, and an amazing price! These gowns have the designer label without the designer price tag.

So what about this orderable wedding dress line? Another great question! Vintage Chic is proud to announce that we carry an exclusive private label dress line that, The Haute Bridal Collection! This collection offers a multitude of unique styles, sizes, and colors that is sure to make any bride's wedding dress dreams come true!


Vintage Chic Bridal Boutique

1540 Central Avenue

Dubuque, IA 52001



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